Tracey Pattison

Emilie, the first word that I must share is just WOW! Emilie’s depth of knowledge; hands-on experience and very obvious passion and love for what she does shows through so clearly in her sessions.

Emilie’s wisdom literally blew me away, and within 2 minutes of me explaining the expanding needs of where I needed my social media to be and how I would go about organising it, she had the answers for me. And not just 1 answer, but a few, so that I could then see the options of what types of ways I could choose to workflow my content best, especially given my time restraints as an Entrepreneur and Mother.

Every detail is not missed either, the post-session emails contain all that was discussed and more – leaving you feeling completely supported and capable of being able to carry out what is needed.

Emilie is nothing short of a cosmic genius with tech and strategy and has made, what has always been a looming ‘issue’ for me with Social Media, just so amazingly simplified now and actually quite a deliciously enjoyable creative process for me too.

I have such deep gratitude to Emilie for her wisdom and can’t wait to continue working with her along the way as my business expands.

Emilie Gomez